This page contains posts from Tony Robinson OBE on life in Happipreneuria



See picture above of Tony Robinson OBE and Joziah Longo. 


The Oracle of Slambovia and the Oracle of Happipreneuria share a love of enterprise, family, friendship, peace, humanity, creativity, equality, diversity, virtue, usefulness, the environment, the unusual, happiness and hats. 


Does this matter? 


The Oracles of our world rarely work together, but maybe they should because "Our House Is On Fire" (Greta Thunberg) and is "Being Blown Apart BY Power-crazed, Greedy Leaders" (Tony Robinson OBE). 


Maximising shareholder value and compulsive acquisition are more vital to them than the quality of people's lives. 


As Schumacher, an Oracle of fifty years ago, said, these leaders will never say "enough". 


Everybody knows that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer with "tickle down" economics. but not everyone knows that there is another way. 


That's where the Oracles come in handy to explain the other way - for organisations, institutions, companies, towns, cities, regions and countries. 


We are all from the the same ancestors and family, and we are born equal. Only culture and philosophy will bring us back together. 


Oracles are great at reminding people of essential truths and wisdom which our ancestors gave us. They put it all in a philosophy. Happipreneurship is a philosophy. 


It is not original because it it is handed down, enhanced and practised by every generation - it's the truth. There are hundreds of thousands of happipreneurs in the world and they make the world a more enterprising and better place. 


Oracles don't mandate or preach - they just tell stories. 


Joziah Longo, from Sleepy hollow, New York, Slambovia tells these stories mainly through songs which he performs in the band, Slambovian Circus of Dreams.


Tony Robinson OBE from Scarbados, Yorkshire, Happipreneuria along with Jenn Crowther and Ian Farrar tell their stories through books like "The Happipreneur" and perform the "Be More Happipreneur" Show. 


The problem is that US and UK leaders don't listen, read or go to the Oracles' songs, books and gigs. 


So, if you want your leaders to hear from the Oracles, you'll have to sneak them into our gigs or get them to host the gig.